Lunch Time at Lahody's

At Lahody Meats, we don't just pride ourselves on the quality meats we cut and serve the public. Our deli staff is always working diligently to provide the freshest hand, crafted goods for the front cases, as well as lunchtime sandwiches made to order. From Stuffed Mushrooms to Broccoli Salad, Miss Alice and her crew keep their cases stocked and ready to go. As far as sandwiches go... we are convinced that they are some of the best in Delaware County. Whether your order is big or small, Alice and her crew can do it all! Party trays, company sandwich orders, and anything else you can think of can be done by the Lahody Meats deli crew.

Stop in, or call in your order at 765-216-7240. We are happy to help! 

-Ron and Lahody Meats team