Ron Lahody

So You Know...

As owner of Ron Lahody's "Trust Your Butcher" Steakhouse and Lahody Meats, Ron Lahody knows steak. And he has his own way of cooking it. "My dad Miro loved to put a gravy or sauce on his steak. But I say, 'why cover up the flavor if you want to taste a good chunk of meat?'" Many people ask me if this particular steak is good. I always reply, "Trust Your Butcher"---meaning it is super good. Thus… TYB originated.

Ron's Rules for Grilling Steak


On high heat, sear the steak on both sides.


Reduce the heat to medium and finish the steak to your liking. 135° is the start of medium-rare. If you do not have a thermometer, cut into the steak and see where you are.


When done, top it with a pat of butter.


Season with salt and pepper at the table.

Cook your own steak from Lahody Meats or let me cook it for you!

I got my start in the meat business early. The year was 1965. My Mom & Dad decided 18 years in a dairy farm was enough. Dad was 61 and mom was 64 when they decided to quit the dairy business and go into their next business. In October of that year, Mom and Dad bought a slaughterhouse and retail meat and grocer business. They owned and operated Lahody Meats until they retired in 1980. After completing a tour of duty in the US Marine Corps, I graduated from Ball State University and worked for 10 years in the family business learning how to slaughter animals, break down carcasses of meat, and cut meat for retail and wholesale. I went on to work in the industry for an additional 6 years. My last meat industry job was the greatest. I was asked to start Alaska's first USDA slaughterhouse. In all, I worked in Alaska for almost three years. I returned home to Muncie in 1986. Not knowing what I wanted to do, the suggestion was made that I should go into home remodeling. You know, if you have manual dexterity you can do anything. So, for 22 years, I worked in the home remodeling business. In December of 2008, I felt it was time for a change. I have always loved the meat business. It all came together within three months and I opened Lahody Meats, specializing in Choice/Prime retail meats and cheeses. The leap from retail meats to a steakhouse took another nine years. But to me, it's an extension of what I have always loved to do. Looking back, I now realize why I entered the retail meat business. I enjoy the one-on-one. I enjoy seeing satisfied clients, especially when they return to purchase again and tell me how much they enjoyed the steak! The idea of having a steakhouse hatched about three years ago, but the timing was not right, so…early winter of 2018 the time was right, the building was right and I got the courage to go for it! Ron Lahody's "Trust Your Butcher" Steakhouse gives me the opportunity to see first-hand how much my customers enjoy a well prepared steak. I get charged every time I'm in here. I enjoy the challenge of creating something. I enjoy seeing a satisfied customer.